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Life is Art


Heather Curry is an Active Status Member with the FCA Gallery.  The Federation of Canadian Artist (FCA) was founded by several artists in 1941.  Along with the help of the group of seven artists Lawren Harris, A.Y. Jackson and Arthur Lismer.  The FCA has become a well established organization, that aims to raise the artistic standards and advancing the importance of art throughout all regions of Canada. 

Heather understands the importance of these unique works of art, as they are a reflection of your taste.  She will carefully discuss your needs and style, to ensure that the appropriate colours match your preferred design.  Each piece is unique, and therefore prices do vary upon design and size.  If you are interested in her work, please reply via email at thecurrys@shaw.ca

        Life is Art


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Heather Curry is an Impressionist Painter for the FCA Gallery.  She is best known for her hemp and acrylic/oil paintings.  Heather has a unique style, as she incorporates natural fibres into her work.

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